Face Recognition Suite

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The first and the sole independent plug & play client server
Face Recognition Suite of advanced security functions that uses biometric information captured by common video surveillance cameras.

Works with:
Any Camera 2D or 3D
Any Video Management System
Any Access Control System
As a Stand-Alone suite

The first and the sole independent from face recognition technology, video surveillance and the access control system.

Unlimited number of Points of Recognition

Unlimited number of Client applications and users

Unlimited number of Faces in the database


Centrale FaRe

FaRe uses the most recent face recognition technologies made available from the academic world, improved and combined with each other.

deep learning

artificial intelligence

pattern matching

anti spoofing

2D & 3D


Face DB Dimension: Unlimited
Face Searching speed in pre enrolled DB: 1:N < 200ms
Face Enrolling speed: < 100ms
Max. Number of camera in the system: Unlimited

False Acceptance Rate: 0 @ Pattern Hash similarity Rate > 89%
(Likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly accept an access attempt by an unauthorized user)

False Reject Rate: 0 @ Pattern Hash similarity Rate < 87%
(Likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly reject an access attempt by an authorized user)

Grafico FAR FRR


FaRe provides a suite of applications and the possibility to implement taylor made applications.

access control

blacklist verification

people tracking

personal & passport check


welcome & track

people search

staff check

people counting

walking identification

visitors control

ticket control

frequent visitors checking

FaRe can works as stand alone suite or integrated with other CCTV access control vendor as

FaRe Modules and Hardware

FaRe is a plug&play solution, easy to be implemented activating the software modules needed, just using existing cameras or adding EUKLIS accessories too.


FaRe Base License

FaRe Cam

FaRe Client

FaRe Failover

FaRe Genetec PlugIn

FaRe Indigo PlugIn

FaRe Milestone PlugIn

FaRe Paxton PlugIn

FaRe Custom PlugIn


FaRe Sigmund: Face Reader

FaRe Wiegand FaCe Reader

FaRe Sigmund Turnstyle

FaRe Controller

FaRe Actuator

FaRe VideoRecorder


Why Euklis FaRe can make a system GDPR Compliant?

All the data are encrypted, AES 128 & RSA.

Any data access and management is logged.

All the data can be selected and deleted.

It can be programmed to include a retainment period for automatic cancellation.

It is present a mirror database for the data availability.

It is present a failover system. A second server is needed.

The result of a face image enrol is a value returned from an hash function.

From this hash value it is not possible rebuild the photo.

The photos are maintained just the central server – easy to protect physically – In the distributed and remote archives are saved just the hashes.

The communication among the processes in the client server architecture is ensured by security certificates X.509.